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If you like playing games, being competitive and working up a full body sweat, REACH VR is for you! We have games that will work you from head to toe.  In 25 minutes of working out, a 150 pound person can burn more than 540 calories.

Maybe you love working out or maybe it feels like work. Either way, you are guaranteed to have fun with the REACH VR workouts. In a private area, you’ll be able to move freely while getting your heart rate up. We will even track that for you and let you see the results.  So maybe you will get to bail on that spin class after all.


Exercise without knowing

you're exercising

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Initial session is on us 

Book your first session now.  We'll get you started and give you the first session on us.  If you decide to join, you'll be ready to go from there.  

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