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We're a fast-growing tech company that's on a mission to bring innovative dynamic technology to help people regain shoulder health in an enjoyable, hassle-free, and effective way.  Our team is collaborative, talented, hard-working, and passionate about helping make the world a better place.  We value self-initiative, creativity, collaboration, and dedication to the mission.  

Current openings

 Chief Medical Officer (Advisory position)  

Job objective:  This position is responsible for leading the clinical aspects of the business to optimize value for patients and clinicians. 


Key Responsibilities: 

  • Develop product roadmap and positioning strategy

  • Recruit and maintain strategic relationships with clinical partners

  • Develop major product enhancement ideas

  • Represent the company from a clinical perspective


Job specifications: 

  • Executive leadership roles around innovation in physiotherapy and telemedicine

  • Extensive understanding of healthcare payment systems

  • Visionary talent and ability to translate ideas into logical roadmap

  • Strong leadership skills and ability to inspire others to see future potential

  • Natural proclivity to see opportunities with technology   

  • Self-starter with capacity to identify and initiate action when needed

  • Is an influencer [ga1] with mindset of willingness to challenge the status quo to improve care


Initial Goals:

  • Develop product roadmap and positioning strategy

  • Recruit strategic relationship with clinical partners

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