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Virtual Reality

isn't just for gamers anymore...

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Shoulder mobility

Cardio & Fitness

Shoulder Issues

REACH VR immerses you in games designed to get you moving in the ways you need. 

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Whether you need shoulder recovery, increased muscle mobility, or just a good sweaty workout, Reach VR is your game!


REACH isn't for gamers or virtual reality junkies.  It's specifically designed to activate your body for what you need.  You'll find yourself doing undercuts to the rhythm of your favorite songs, dodging and defending yourself in dodge ball, playing futuristic racket ball, and much more.  Each game progresses as your body progresses.  Your shoulder pain will melt away while your range of motion improves.  You'll feel looser and less prone to injuries.  And, your endurance and overall fitness will reach new levels.  

Three programs depending on your needs  

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REACH's shoulder program is specifically designed to increase range of motion and reduce pain.  REACH assesses your motion and adjusts the games to put your arms precisely where they need to be for safe and effective recovery of your shoulder issues.  Learn more...

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REACH's muscle mobility program opens your upper body, increases blood flow, and helps your performance continue to progress safely.  Use it as a warm up, a mid routine break to open and lengthen your muscles, or as a stretch after your workout.  Learn more...  

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Cardio & 


With REACH's Cardio and Fitness program, you'll be so involved, you'll work out for 25 minutes and swear it was only five minutes.  You won't even realize you’re doing squats, working your upper body, burning calories, and, yes, sweating.  Games burn up to 300 calories per hour.   Learn more...

My surgery shoulder has surpassed the other one in strength and stamina. I really feel that the virtual reality had everything to do with my results.

 - Weight lifter

Get started now

After an initial orientation session from our staff, you will book your times online and when the time comes, you just jump in and get going.  It’s completely self-service.  Sessions vary from 15-25 minutes depending on your subscription. 

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Initial session is on us 

Book your first session now.  We'll get you started and give you the first session on us.  If you decide to join, you'll be ready to go from there.  

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