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Stay in the game 

“My surgery shoulder has surpassed the other one in strength and stamina. I really feel that the virtual reality had everything to do with my result…” – Weight Lifter

Weight lifter in VR, high res.jpg

If you have tight shoulders, or any tightness in the upper body or neck due to heavy lifting, sports or even sleeping the wrong way, REACH VR is for you! Flexibly is key to prevent injury or issues. This program can help lengthen and open up your muscles so you can perform at your fullest. We know you want to be at the top of your game. 25 minutes playing VR games or 90 minutes of Hot Yoga – you decide what’s more fun.  

It’s no fun to feel limited in your workouts or daily functions. Sometimes even putting on your coat feels like you could pull a muscle. REACH VR games help you stretch without you even realizing it.

Initial session is on us 

Book your first session now.  We'll get you started and give you the first session on us.  If you decide to join, you'll be ready to go from there.  

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